Farzana Akhter

Farzana Akhter

Mohakhali Sattala Slum, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sponsored Since: Apr 01, 2022

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Kidneyplus Sponsors a Child in Bangladesh

At Kidneyplus, our motto is to help as many people as we can. There's no greater pleasure than helping someone recover from their ailments and to see them have a better life. Shapla Foundation gave us an opportunity to expand our horizons to help others. When we got to know about their child sponsorship program in Bangladesh, we reached out to help a child in need. The sponsorship could help a child to recover from the social ailment, that is poverty, by getting a proper education.

We got to know that Farzana, who loves reading and learning new things, had to drop out of school because her father couldn't pay her school fees. Her school library was the only source of books in the environment she lives in. Her father is a rickshaw puller, whose unstable income was less than sufficient to maintain their family of 5 and the pandemic made their situation even worse. Paying for Farzana's education became impossible for him during the pandemic. Even amidst all the hardships, Farzana was really hoping to at least complete her Secondary School Certificate exam, so that she can have a good job and make a better future for her family. When she had to drop out of school all her dreams of a better future were shattered. Knowing all these, we couldn't let her dreams fade away like this. So, we chose to sponsor her.

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Now, seeing Farzana going to school again and participating in all the activities set out by Shapla Foundation is heartwarming. Helping one person might not change the world but it would surely change the world for that person. We are glad that we helped to begin the change in her world and we hope to be a part of her future as well. 

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